What is another word for enclose?

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Enclose is a word that describes enclosing or surrounding something. There are many synonyms for enclose, including envelop, surround, confine, encircle, encase, bind, cage, circumscribe, contain, hem in, imprison, shut in, wrap and more. Some of these synonyms suggest more constricting or confining actions, such as imprison or bind, while others carry a more protective connotation, such as envelop or encase. Enclosing something can be done for a variety of reasons, including protection, confinement, or containment. Each synonym for enclose brings its unique nuance or connotation, allowing for a more precise description of the action being taken.

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    In English, enclose means "to surround or fence in with a border, edge, or fence material." The verb form is to enclose.

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