What is another word for Fingerprints?

Pronunciation: [fˈɪŋɡəpɹˌɪnts] (IPA)

Fingerprints, the unique skin patterns on fingertips, have several synonyms. Among them are thumbprints, palm prints, fingerprint impressions, and fingerprint patterns. Other terms that describe this human physiological characteristic include dactylograms, dermatoglyphics, and dactilograms. Each synonym has a slightly different connotation or usage context, but all refer to the distinctive ridge patterns on the fingertips that law enforcement agencies and forensic scientists use to identify individuals. The term "fingerprints" is the most commonly used and recognized, but these alternative terms offer more options to describe this important forensic tool.

Synonyms for Fingerprints:

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What are the hypernyms for Fingerprints?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    biometrics, identification marks, latent marks.

Usage examples for Fingerprints

As in comparing Fingerprints, he flicked his pencil at the points of identity.
"Eight Keys to Eden"
Mark Irvin Clifton
We've had our Boston office go over the room, and they've turned up no Fingerprints except those of the porter who cleaned up after the train left New York.
"The Electronic Mind Reader"
John Blaine
If the enemy could have access to the brain pattern of an individual-and remember such patterns are no more similar than Fingerprints-could the enemy then transmit a signal that would affect only that pattern?
"The Electronic Mind Reader"
John Blaine

Famous quotes with Fingerprints

  • Fingerprints prove you Greystoke. Congratulations. D'Arnot.
    Edgar Rice Burroughs

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