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Hands are a crucial part of the human anatomy that aid in numerous activities, from writing to carrying heavy objects. However, there are numerous synonyms used to describe this particular body part. Fingers, palms, mitts, claws, and paws are few words that are often utilized interchangeably to describe hands. Additionally, terms like appendages, extremities, limbs, and digits also work as synonyms. Sometimes, slang terms like mittens, hooks, pincers, and hooves are also used in colloquial language to describe hands. Nonetheless, hands remain an essential part of a person's anatomy, and various words can be used to describe them effectively.

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    The five fingers on each hand are unique in their own way. Each finger can do a different task, like picking a lock or opening a door. The thumb is also important because it's the most versatile finger - it can do everything the other fingers can, plus it's the finger we use most often to manipulate objects.

    Some people have more than five fingers on one hand. This is called polydactyly. Some people have just three fingers on one hand, called Dupont's contracture. This is a rare condition that usually affects newborn babies.

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    • Hans, Hannes, han's.

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