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Characteristics are the unique and distinguishing features that define someone or something. However, there are several synonyms to describe it. The first synonym is "attributes," which means the qualities that one possesses or has. Another synonym is "traits," which refers to the individual characteristics of someone's personality. "Qualities" is another synonym which describes the exceptionalities of someone's nature or atypical features. "Properties" can also be used to characterize a person's physical or mental features. One can also use "markers" or "hallmarks" to signify distinctive or recognizable qualities associated with someone or something. Finally, "peculiarity" can be used to refer to something that is different from anything else and distinctive in character.

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of successful people

To be successful, a person must have certain character traits. Many of these same traits are also necessary ingredients for happiness. Whether we realize it or not, character traits are a major contributor to our overall success. There are five general character traits that are consistently found to be important in success.

1. Self-Discipline. To be successful, a person must be able to maintain focus and discipline. This is often times a challenge, but it is essential.

2. Responsibility. Successful people are strongly principled and take personal responsibility for their actions.

3. Perseverance.

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