What is another word for fire hydrant?

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A fire hydrant is a crucial piece of equipment for firefighters to access water when extinguishing fires. However, there are a variety of synonyms for the term "fire hydrant" that may be used depending on the location or regional dialect. In some areas, it may be referred to as a fire plug, fire pump, or simply a hydrant. Other more playful synonyms include fireplug or firecock. Regardless of the name, these important structures provide a critical link to water sources for firefighters and serve as a necessary tool in preserving life and property during emergencies.

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    How to use "Fire hydrant" in context?

    The fire hydrant is a uniquely American invention. Along with the streetlight and the fire station, the fire hydrant is a key part of the infrastructure of the United States. The fire hydrant was invented in 1872 by Caleb Alexander Scott, an American fireman. The purpose of the fire hydrant was to quickly and easily deliver water to a fire.

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