What is another word for flexibly?

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Flexibly is a word that indicates the ability to adapt easily to changing situations. There are several synonyms for this word that can effectively convey this meaning. Some of these words include versatile, adaptable, pliable, elastic, supple, and limber. Each of these words connotes the ability to bend and move easily in response to outside stimuli, whether a physical obstacle or a change in circumstances. Being flexible is a valuable trait that allows individuals and organizations to be more responsive and effective in achieving their goals. Using one of these synonyms can help to convey this important quality in a clear and concise manner.

How to use "Flexibly" in context?

In the world of work, "flexibility" means different things to different people. The Webster dictionary defines it as "the power or ability to modify or substitute for something in order to meet a want or need." The workplace obviously requires some degree of flexibility in order to keep things running smoothly, from accommodating for specialized pet allergies in some offices, to accommodating for people who prefer to work from home one day a week. With the advent of more and more virtual offices, flexibility is becoming even more important in ensuring that everyone in the company is working effectively together.

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