What is another word for unreliably?

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Unreliably, or not to be depended on, can be replaced with a variety of synonyms. Some options include "inconsistently," "erratically," "unpredictably," "haphazardly," "sporadically," and "unsteadily." These words describe something that cannot be trusted to be stable or consistent. Other synonyms for unreliably include "capriciously," "fluctuating," "fickly," and "volatile." These words emphasize the element of unpredictability and suggest that the situation in question can change rapidly and without warning. Regardless of which synonym is used, the meaning remains the same - something or someone is not to be relied upon, and caution should be taken when dealing with them.

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    What are the opposite words for unreliably?

    Reliably is an adverb used to describe the dependability or trustworthiness of something or someone. Its opposite can be described using a number of antonyms including erratically, inconsistently, negligently, unreliably and unsteadily. If something is done erratically, it's done irregularly, without consistency. Inconsistently refers to something that lacks uniformity, isn't stable or has varying quality. Negligently suggests indifference, carelessness or neglect. Unreliably describes something that cannot be relied on, for whatever reason. While unsteadily means unstable or wavering, lacking firmness or balance. These antonyms provide a range of alternatives to describe the opposite qualities of reliability, whatever the context may be.

    What are the antonyms for Unreliably?

    Usage examples for Unreliably

    Some relaxation of the laws regulating production and exportation, made possible an increase to 41,000 tons in 1802, and further relaxation made possible, in 1850, an output somewhat unreliably reported as 223,000 tons.
    "Cuba, Old and New"
    Albert Gardner Robinson

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