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Paths are the lanes that lead one to a particular destination. Synonyms for paths include trails, tracks, routes, ways, passages, courses, and footpaths. A trail is a path that is not paved but is made naturally. Tracks are paths used for vehicles that run on tracks. Routes are the directions or course that one needs to take to reach a particular place. Ways are paths that lead to a specific destination. Passages are narrow lanes or roads. Courses are directions or routes that are taken for a particular purpose. Footpaths are paths that are used for walking on foot. In conclusion, there are various synonyms for the word path used to describe a particular route.

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    How to use "Paths" in context?

    "Paths" is an upcoming seven-episode science fiction anthology series set in a future in which people can travel through time. The series was created by Joe Cornish, writer and director of the short film "Attack the Block". It is produced by the BBC and Film4.

    The series follows a group of people who find themselves lost in time and unable to return home. They must use their ingenuity and courage to survive and find a way back to their own time.

    "Paths" is set in a future in which people can travel through time.

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