What is another word for fruitfully?

Pronunciation: [fɹˈuːtfəlɪ] (IPA)

Fruitfully is a word that means to produce desired results or outcomes. There are plenty of synonyms for the word fruitfully, such as efficiently, effectively, productively, successfully, lucratively, gainfully, advantageously, beneficially, prosperously, and optimally. Each word carries a slightly different emphasis, allowing writers and speakers to choose the best synonym for their context. For example, "successfully" carries a connotation of achieving a specific goal, while "advantageously" emphasizes the positive outcomes of an action. By selecting the most fitting synonym, speakers and writers can communicate their ideas with greater accuracy and persuade their audience more effectively.

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What are the hypernyms for Fruitfully?

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What are the opposite words for fruitfully?

Antonyms for the word "fruitfully" include unproductively, uselessly, unprofitably, ineffectively, and unsuccessfully. If something is done unproductively, it means that it was not done in a way that yielded desirable results. Useless work or efforts are not beneficial or valuable, while unprofitable ventures do not generate profits or returns. Ineffectively done tasks do not achieve the intended objective, while unsuccessful efforts do not produce the intended success. The antonyms of fruitfully describe negative outcomes or lack of productivity when tasks or efforts are performed. However, it is essential to note that even in failure, there are valuable lessons and opportunities to learn and improve.

What are the antonyms for Fruitfully?

Usage examples for Fruitfully

The great accidents of nature,-Niagara and the high Alps,-though they awe me, have always left me cold; and all that summer I should have been more fruitfully employed in some nook of English scenery, where nature went undisturbed by catastrophes and cataclysms.
"The Autobiography of a Journalist, Volume I"
William James Stillman
It helps us to live more abundantly, to love more fruitfully, to joy more intelligently, and to get grim old Death by his knotty throat and hold him at arm's length as long as possible.
"The Kempton-Wace Letters"
Jack London Anna Strunsky
Pathologists have spent their energies fruitfully upon the infectious causes of disease, the microbes and parasites especially.
"The Glands Regulating Personality"
Louis Berman, M.D.

Famous quotes with Fruitfully

  • We should be therefore supporting a larger Europe, and in so doing we should strive to expand the zone of peace and prosperity in the world which is the necessary foundation for a stable international system in which our leadership could be fruitfully exercised.
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
  • No other question has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of man; no other idea has so fruitfully stimulated his intellect; yet no other concept stands in greater need of clarification than that of the infinite.
    David Hilbert
  • Hughes began (, 1957; , 1960) as an elemental poet of power; he was inchoate, but fruitfully aware both of the brute force of creation and of the natural world. Then a naive (q.v.) poet — he began to assume a mantic role; he has now turned into (, 1970) a pretentious, coffee-table poet, a mindless celebrant of instinct.
    Ted Hughes
  • Our first necessity, if India is to survive and do her appointed work in the world, is that the youth of India should learn to think,—to think on all subjects, to think independently, fruitfully, going to the heart of things, not stopped by their surface, free of prejudgments, shearing sophism and prejudice asunder as with a sharp sword, smiting down obscurantism of all kinds as with the mace of Bhima. (...) When there is destruction, it is the form that perishes, not the spirit—for the world and its ways are forms of one Truth which appears in this material world in ever new bodies.... In India, the chosen land, [that Truth] is preserved; in the soul of India it sleeps expectant on that soul's awakening, the soul of India leonine, luminous, locked in the closed petals of the ancient lotus of love, strength and wisdom, not in her weak, soiled, transient and miserable externals. India alone can build the future of mankind. (...) Ancient or pre-Buddhistic Hinduism sought Him both in the world and outside it; it took its stand on the strength and beauty and joy of the Veda, unlike modern or post-Buddhistic Hinduism which is oppressed with Buddha's sense of universal sorrow and Shankara's sense of universal illusion,—Shankara who was the better able to destroy Buddhism because he was himself half a Buddhist. Ancient Hinduism aimed socially at our fulfilment in God in life, modern Hinduism at the escape from life to God. The more modern ideal is fruitful of a noble and ascetic spirituality, but has a chilling and hostile effect on social soundness and development; social life under its shadow stagnates for want of belief and delight, sraddha and ananda. If we are to make our society perfect and the nation is to live again, then we must revert to the earlier and fuller truth.
    Sri Aurobindo

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