What is another word for fruited?

Pronunciation: [fɹˈuːtɪd] (IPA)

Fruited is often used to describe a plant or tree that has produced fruit, but if you're looking for alternative words to use, there are several options available. A common synonym is prolific, which means producing abundant fruit. Other synonyms include fruitful, bearing, yielding, fertile, flourishing, bountiful, and productive. Each of these words carries slightly different connotations, so choose the word that best fits the context of your writing. For example, fruitful might be the best choice for a spiritual or philosophical text, while bountiful might be more appropriate for a cookbook or gardening guide. Experiment with these synonyms to enhance your writing and add variety to your descriptions of fruit.

What are the opposite words for fruited?

The antonyms of the word "fruited" would be words that indicate the opposite of bearing fruit or producing fruit. Some of the possible antonyms of "fruited" could be barren, infertile, unproductive, unfertile, or sterile. These descriptors suggest that the soil or the tree is incapable of producing fruit or unable to support the growth of fruit. Another possible antonym could be "defruited," which implies that something has been stripped of its fruit or that the fruit has been removed intentionally. Ultimately, the choice of antonym depends on the context in which it is used and the specific meaning that the writer intends to convey.

What are the antonyms for Fruited?

Usage examples for Fruited

"It is the 'Scarlet-fruited thorn' of North America," Bellmark heard the visitor remarking.
"Max Carrados"
Ernest Bramah
With exquisite patience the weaver has brought out the crowded detail in the distance; indeed, it is this background, stretching away to the far sky, past the Tomb, beyond towns and plains of fruited trees to yet more cities set on a hill, that constitutes the greatest charm of the picture, and which must have brought hours of happy toil to the inspired weaver.
"The Tapestry Book"
Helen Churchill Candee
She took the kindnesses and caresses, the congratulations and triumphs, of those full-fruited hours, pressed them together and derived merely one clear drop of bitterness-the languorous poison of one haunting desire.
"The Mettle of the Pasture"
James Lane Allen

Famous quotes with Fruited

  • Mickey Mehta says, "If you are deep rooted in humility you get better fruited in simplicity thus MickeyMizing your personality with adulation!" Share this for getting more humans grounded.
    Mickey Mehta

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