What is another word for beneficially?

Pronunciation: [bˌɛnɪfˈɪʃə͡lˌi] (IPA)

There are a number of synonyms that can be used for the word "beneficially", including "advantageously", "positively", "helpfully", "fruitfully", "effectively", and "constructively." These words all carry a similar meaning in that they describe something that is beneficial or advantageous in some way. Whether it is referring to a situation or an action, using these synonyms can help to add emphasis and nuance to the way that we describe things. Whether we are talking about a new business venture or a personal relationship, being able to communicate effectively about the ways in which something is beneficial can be crucial for achieving success.

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Usage examples for Beneficially

His influence was beneficially felt in the national legislature.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution"
L. Carroll Judson
It was a long advance on anything which had been attempted so far in the same direction; and to reproduce, in the face of Mr Collier's volumes, the obsolete and superseded labours of Dodsley and even Reed, seemed to be a waste of space which might be far more beneficially occupied by additional texts.
"A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume I."
R. Dodsley
And she was sixty-five, and might properly, and even beneficially, have had a least two.
"The Enchanted April"
Elizabeth von Arnim

Famous quotes with Beneficially

  • It is therefore, the interest of all, that every one, from birth, should be well educated, physically and mentally, that society may be improved in its character, — that everyone should be beneficially employed, physically and mentally, that the greatest amount of wealth may be created, and knowledge attained, — that everyone should be placed in the midst of those external circumstances that will produce the greatest number of pleasurable sensations, through the longest life, that man may be made truly intelligent, moral and happy, and be thus prepared to enter upon the coming Millennium.
    Robert Owen

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