What is another word for furtively?

Pronunciation: [fˈɜːtɪvli] (IPA)

Furtively is an adverb that describes doing something secretly, often with the intent to avoid being noticed or caught. Some synonyms of furtively include stealthily, surreptitiously, covertly, and clandestinely. These words suggest actions taken in a way that avoids detection or attention. Other synonyms include slyly, sneakily, and deviously, which illustrate a more cunning or underhanded approach. When something is done furtively, it may be seen as shady or suspicious, so using similar words can accurately convey the tone and meaning of a text. In essence, writers can choose from a range of synonyms for furtively to precisely and vividly describe an action.

What are the hypernyms for Furtively?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for furtively?

Furtively, which means done in a stealthy or sneaky manner, has a number of antonyms that express the opposite meanings. Some common antonyms for furtively include openly, overtly, honestly, transparently, sincerely, candidly, forthrightly, and aboveboard. using these antonyms in place of 'furtively' in a sentence will completely change the meaning of the sentence. For example, instead of saying "the suspect furtively sneaked into the house," one could say "the suspect openly entered the house." Similarly, replacing 'furtively' with 'candidly' would change the sentence to "she spoke candidly about her feelings." Using the antonyms for 'furtively' can add clarity and transparency to communication, instead of leaving things unclear and secretive.

Usage examples for Furtively

Looking furtively at her strained, unhappy face, he would recall the agony of rage and despair in which he had lain at a time when he had been supposed by those about him to be absorbed in his physical condition-if indeed conscious of anything at all.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
He looked furtively at Lingard.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
"Fred De Garmo-he tried to arrest me-in town-I shot him dead," He glanced furtively at Kent.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower

Famous quotes with Furtively

  • Normally, your wife can hear things that no one else on earth can hear. She can hear a dab of jam fall onto a carpet two rooms away. She can hear spilled coffee being furtively mopped up with a good bathtowel. She can hear dirt being tracked across a clean floor. She can hear you just about doing something you shouldn't do. But get yourself stuck in a loft hatch and suddenly it is as if she has been placed in a soundproof chamber.
    Bill Bryson
  • One of the most curious of these frenzies of exclusion was that against the emancipation of the Jews. All share in the government of the world was denied for centuries to perhaps the ablest, certainly the most tenacious, race that had ever lived in it - the race to whom we owed our religion and the purest spiritual stimulus and consolation to be found in all literature - a race in which ability seems as natural and hereditary as the curve of their noses, and whose blood, furtively mingling with the bluest bloods in Europe, has quickened them with its own indomitable impulsion.
    James Russell Lowell
  • Aniela knows perfectly that I live for her only, exist through her; that all my thoughts belong to her, my actions have only her in view; that she is to me an issue of life and death; and in spite of all that she calmly decides to go away. Whether I should perish or beat my head against the wall, she never so much as considered. She will be more at ease when she ceases to see me writhing like a beetle stuck on a pin; she will be no longer afraid of my kissing her feet furtively, or startling that virtuous conscience. How can she hesitate when such excellent peace can be got, at so small a price as cutting somebody's throat! Thoughts like these spun across my brain by thousands.
    Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • I do not take any credit to my better-balanced head because I never went crazy on Presbyterianism. We go too slow for that. You never see us ranting and shouting and tearing up the ground, You never heard of a Presbyterian going crazy on religion. Notice us, and you will see how we do. We get up of a Sunday morning and put on the best harness we have got and trip cheerfully down town; we subside into solemnity and enter the church; we stand up and duck our heads and bear down on a hymn book propped on the pew in front when the minister prays; we stand up again while our hired choir are singing, and look in the hymn book and check off the verses to see that they don't shirk any of the stanzas; we sit silent and grave while the minister is preaching, and count the waterfalls and bonnets furtively, and catch flies; we grab our hats and bonnets when the benediction is begun; when it is finished, we shove, so to speak. No frenzy, no fanaticism --no skirmishing; everything perfectly serene. You never see any of us Presbyterians getting in a sweat about religion and trying to massacre the neighbors. Let us all be content with the tried and safe old regular religions, and take no chances on wildcat.
    Mark Twain
  • Over verdant lowlands cut by the deep streamwaters of the south hangs a peculiar gloom. Every eye is stifled by the clouds that block the sight of the sun, every voice is muffled like the chirps of fleeing birds, every quasi-movement sluggish. Children must not laugh, no attention must be drawn to the fact that a man exists, one must not provoke the powers with frivolity—do nothing but prowl along, furtively, lowly. Maybe the Godhead had not yet struck its final blow, an unexpiated sin might still fester somewhere, perhaps there still lurked worms that needed to be crushed.
    Halldór Laxness

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