What is another word for furtive?

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Furtive is an adjective that describes something that is done in a secretive, stealthy, or sneaky manner. Some common synonyms for furtive include sly, covert, clandestine, hidden, surreptitious, sneaky, undercover, and back-alley. These words all convey a sense of secrecy or a desire to remain unnoticed. For instance, sly is often used to describe someone who is clever or cunning in their actions. Covert and clandestine are often used in espionage or other secret operations. Hidden and surreptitious both describe actions or behaviors that are meant to be concealed. Meanwhile, sneaky and back-alley tend to be used more informally to describe actions that are done in secret or without others' knowledge.

Related words: stealthy movement, sneaky behavior, furtiveness, stealth mode, stealth scenario, stealthy mode, clandestine activity

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    "furtive" is an adjective that refers to something that is sneaky, secretive, or insurgent. It is often used as a noun to describe an action or a person that is stealthy in their movements.

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