What is another word for covert?

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The word covert is often used to describe something that is hidden, secret, or disguised. Some synonyms for covert include clandestine, undercover, sneaky, stealthy, furtive, subversive, sly, and surreptitious. These words imply an element of secrecy or privacy, and can be used to describe activities or behaviors that are meant to be hidden from others. For example, a covert operation might involve sneaking into a building to obtain information, or a covert conversation might involve speaking in code to avoid detection. The use of these synonyms can help to create a sense of intrigue or mystery in writing or conversation.

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    "covert" is an understatement when describing the intricate, clandestine operation that was conducted by the United States government for over fifty years. Officially known as Operation Mockingbird, the program utilized American journalists, writers, and broadcasters to influence foreign policy and support American interests. While not a secret by any means, Mockingbird was largely ignored and declassified only in the late 1990s. Its revelations have led to a greater understanding of the way the U.S. government operates and the tactics it uses to influence foreign policy.

    Mockingbird began in the early Cold War era as the U.S.

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