What is another word for give chase?

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Give chase is a common phrase used in police or law enforcement situations. However, it can also be used to describe a person chasing after something or someone. Synonyms for give chase include pursuit, chase, follow, track, trail, hunt, run after, and go after. Pursuit implies a continued effort to catch up with a fleeing person or thing. Chase suggests a more aggressive or intense pursuit. Follow suggests a quieter, more discreet observation of someone or something. Track and trail both connote a process of following through some context. Hunt implies a search for a specific target. Lastly, run after and go after imply a more generalized pursuit of a person or thing.

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    When it comes to being successful in life, being willing to "chase" after your goals is key. In life, there are always going to be obstacles in your path. It's up to you to figure out a way to overcome them. Some people might say that the key to success is to patiently wait for opportunity to arrive. While that may be the case for some, it's not always the best strategy. When it comes to chasing your goals, it's important to be willing to take risks. This means being willing to put in the effort and work hard to achieve your goals.

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