What is another word for good humor?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈʊd hjˈuːmə] (IPA)

Good humor is a term that refers to someone's ability to remain positive and cheerful even during difficult times. This trait can be described using several synonyms such as cheerfulness, joviality, liveliness, buoyancy, playfulness, merriment, and gaiety. Having a good sense of humor shows that an individual can easily find humor and joy in daily situations, making them easier to handle and endure. Other synonyms for good humor include good-naturedness, amicability, cordiality, and friendliness. These terms describe someone who is friendly and approachable, always willing to make others feel relaxed and comfortable. In conclusion, good humor is an essential part of a positive outlook on life, allowing individuals to navigate challenges with grace and positivity.

Synonyms for Good humor:

What are the hypernyms for Good humor?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for good humor?

Good humor is a desirable trait, but there are times when we need to describe the opposite. Antonyms for good humor can include petulance, sullenness, bitterness, rage, hatred, and animosity. When someone lacks good humor, they may be quick to snap, become angry or resentful, and have an overall unpleasant demeanor. A person who has bad humor may not be able to control their emotions and lash out at others, causing friction and conflict in their relationships. Therefore, it is essential to understand that good humor is vital for personal and professional growth, and antonyms for it can lead to negative outcomes.

What are the antonyms for Good humor?

Famous quotes with Good humor

  • Honest good humor is the oil and wine of a merry meeting, and there is no jovial companionship equal to that where the jokes are rather small and laughter abundant.
    Washington Irving
  • In truth, politeness is artificial good humor, it covers the natural want of it, and ends by rendering habitual a substitute nearly equivalent to the real virtue.
    Thomas Jefferson
  • All my jobs have been with food in one way or another since 1948. My parents were in the hotel business, and I just loved the warm hearted people who worked so hard with such good humor.
    Graham Kerr
  • Putting a little time aside for clean fun and good humor is very necessary to relieve the tensions of our time.
    Hattie McDaniel
  • Bad humor is an evasion of reality; good humor is an acceptance of it.
    Malcolm Muggeridge

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