What is another word for groundskeeper?

Pronunciation: [ɡɹˈa͡ʊndskiːpə] (IPA)

A groundskeeper is a person who maintains and cares for a property, typically the outdoor areas. Some common synonyms for a groundskeeper include a landscaper, gardener, caretaker, or grounds custodian. Landscapers typically focus on designing and maintaining the aesthetic of a property, while gardeners specialize in cultivating flowers, plants, and vegetables. Caretakers oversee the maintenance, cleanliness, and safety of a property. Grounds custodians, on the other hand, manage and maintain the outdoor areas of facilities such as parks, schools, and resorts. Overall, these words are all synonyms for someone who has the responsibility of looking after and preserving the outdoor spaces of a property.

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What are the hypernyms for Groundskeeper?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Groundskeeper

  • We not that those players with weaker arms might be better off throwing at a lower angle to get the ball to the plate on the bounce. If the surface is Astroturf, the 90-mph player can gain as much as 0.2 seconds, or 6 feet, on the runner by throwing on the bounce. But if his team is playing on grass and his groundskeeper has kept the grass long and well watered to help his team (which relies on singles, speed, and baserunning), the ball may lose so much speed at the bounce that nothing will be gained.
    Robert Adair (physicist)

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