What is another word for custodian?

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A custodian is someone who takes care of something, often a building or facility. Synonyms for custodian include caretaker, janitor, steward, guardian, overseer, keeper, and curator. These terms all imply a sense of responsibility for the maintenance and protection of something. A caretaker is someone who looks after a space or property, often living on-site. A janitor is responsible for cleaning and maintaining a building or facility. A steward oversees the management of a property or organization. A guardian is someone who protects and cares for someone or something. An overseer is responsible for supervising and maintaining an operation. A keeper is someone who is in charge of something valuable, while a curator is responsible for the preservation and display of artwork or collections.

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    The guardian is the person who maintains custody of a minor or incompetent person. This responsibility can be delegated to others, usually a parent, guardian ad litem, or other close family member or friend. In most states, the guardian must be afforded legal custody and designated to make decisions for the minor, unless a legal proceeding has been filed to overturn the custody order.

    When the guardian is not the parent of the minor, the guardian ad litem is appointed to serve in that role.

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