What is another word for gymnasts?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈɪmnasts] (IPA)

Gymnasts are skilled athletes who perform various acrobatic and contortionist movements. Synonyms for gymnasts are acrobats, tumblers, aerialists, contortionists, and trapeze artists. These are all performers who exhibit exceptional physical prowess, grace, and flexibility. Acrobats are skilled at feats of balance, strength, and agility, often performed in groups or pairs. Tumblers execute flips, tucks, and twists with precision and control. Aerialists perform feats high above the ground, either on a trapeze or suspended from fabric. Contortionists demonstrate exceptional flexibility and able to bend their bodies in impossible ways, while trapeze artists use bars and ropes to perform stunning aerial tricks. All these synonyms for gymnasts highlight the impressive skills and artistry of these exceptional athletes.

Synonyms for Gymnasts:

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Usage examples for Gymnasts

A loud, wild shout followed this bold harangue, the gates of the village were thrown open, and blue, red, and white-robed soldiers were bounding upward like so many gymnasts; firing their guns incessantly, in order to encourage themselves with noise, or to strike terror into the hearts of those who awaited us within the strong enclosure of Zimbizo, Sultan Kolongo's place.
"How I Found Livingstone"
Sir Henry M. Stanley
He had learned to ride in a city rink, and flattered himself that he knew all there was to learn, except those feats which only professional gymnasts acquire.
"Spinning-Wheel Stories"
Louisa May Alcott
At Newbury there possibly was nothing more than a playful and self-gratifying exercise of constitutional powers by a band of spirit gymnasts-not malicious, but playful and rude; curious also, it may be, to see how far they might be able to frighten mortals and arouse consternating wonder, while they should be pleasurably exercising their own faculties.
"Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism"
Allen Putnam

Famous quotes with Gymnasts

  • I will be talking with gymnasts from some of the other countries. I will be getting a feel for what they're thinking and what they're doing. It should be a really great meet.
    Shannon Miller
  • 11. We shall sing the great masses shaken with work, pleasure, or rebellion: we shall sing the multicolored and polyphonic tidal waves of revolution in the modern metropolis; shall sing the vibrating nocturnal fervor of factories and shipyards burning under violent electrical moons; bloated railroad stations that devour smoking serpents; factories hanging from the sky by the twisting threads of spiraling smoke; bridges like gigantic gymnasts who span rivers, flashing at the sun with the gleam of a knife; adventurous steamships that scent the horizon, locomotives with their swollen chest, pawing the tracks like massive steel horses bridled with pipes, and the oscillating flight of airplanes, whose propeller flaps at the wind like a flag and seems to applaud like a delirious crowd.
    Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

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