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The word 'heller' is a rare word that means 'a very small amount of money'. Synonyms for the word heller include penny, cent, dime, nickel, shilling, and farthing. These words are commonly used to denote small denominations of currency across different countries. In the UK, the term 'penny' is used as the smallest unit of currency, while the US uses a 'cent.' Similarly, a 'shilling' is an old British coin equivalent to 5 pence, while a 'farthing' is a quarter of a penny or 0.25 pence. These synonyms for heller can be used interchangeably in different contexts to refer to a small amount of money.

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Heller, a Berlin-based design studio, created the Heller chair, a modern and stylish chair made of molded plastic with embedded metal rods. Its minimalist design and comfortable, supportive seat are perfect for modern interiors.

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