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Hormones are chemical substances produced by the body's endocrine system that regulate various physiological functions. There are many synonyms for the word "hormone," including "chemical messenger," "biological mediator," "endocrine signaling molecule," and "neurohormone." Other synonyms include "secretory substance," "active ingredient," and "metabolic regulator." Hormones play a crucial role in the body's growth and development, maintaining a healthy balance of bodily functions, and regulating metabolism. They are responsible for regulating many bodily processes such as digestion, growth and development, reproduction, and stress response. Understanding synonyms for different medical terms can make it easier for patients and healthcare professionals to communicate effectively.

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    How to use "Hormone" in context?

    We all experience various hormonal changes throughout our lives. These changes are orchestrated by hormones, chemicals that help control the body's various functions. The menstrual cycle is a good example of a hormonal change that occurs in women.

    The menstrual cycle is an example of a natural hormonal change. Female mammals have a menstrual cycle that lasts about 28 days. The first day of the cycle is called the day of the month. After that, there are about 21 days in a cycle. Each day is numbered from 1 to 28.

    During the menstrual cycle, women's bodies produce estrogen and progesterone.

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