What is another word for horseleech?

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[ hˈɔːsliːt͡ʃ], [ hˈɔːsliːt‍ʃ], [ h_ˈɔː_s_l_iː_tʃ]

A horde of synonyms exist to describe a horseleech - from the Latin name Haemopis sanguisuga to the modern "blood-sucking worm." Other names, like "hirudinean," "sanguisuge," and "sanguisugent" are more archaic descriptive terms that are still in use. Various dialects and slangs around the world refer to it as the "medicinal leech," "eelworm," "snakeleech," "turtleworm," "berryleech," and the downright hilarious "vampire fish." These are some of the nicknames utilized for the leech family members that feed primarily upon the blood of vertebrates. Regardless of the name, there's no denying the formidable effectiveness of the horseleech.

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    The horseleech is an encephalopathic parasite that infects horses. The parasite invades the central nervous system, and eventually kills the animal. The horseleech is a member of the annelid family, and is closely related to the sucker, a parasitic worm that infests human beings. The horseleech is approximately 0.5 inches long and has a cylindrical body with a long, thin proboscis. The horseleech feeds on the blood of horses, and is most commonly found in the lungs, but can also be found in the stomach, intestines, and other areas.

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