What is another word for horseman?

Pronunciation: [hˈɔːsmən] (IPA)

A horseman, also known as an equestrian, is an individual skilled in horse riding and handling. Other synonyms for horseman include jockey, rider, cowboy, cowgirl, and mounted officer. Jockeys are professional horsemen who ride racehorses, while cowboys and cowgirls work with cattle on ranches. Mounted officers use horses for transportation and policing. The term equestrian can also refer to someone who participates in horse-based sports such as dressage, show jumping or polo. A horseman can be a hobbyist or a professional, and they require a wide range of skills, including horsemanship, training, and veterinary knowledge. Regardless of the title, the horseman's love for horses is evident in their work.

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Usage examples for Horseman

Had Mr. Crow been, what it must be owned had been difficult, a worse horseman than he was, he would never have hesitated to obey this behest.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
For a month his color changed and his blood quickened whenever a horseman showed upon the rim of Cold Spring Coulee.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
Kent kept an uneasy eye upon the horseman, and hoped fervently the fellow was absorbed in meditation and, would not glance in his direction.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower

Famous quotes with Horseman

  • To be a gourmet you must start early, as you must begin riding early to be a good horseman. You must live in France, your father must have been a gourmet. Nothing in life must interest you but your stomach.
    Ludwig Bemelmans
  • I've been around horses, but I certainly wouldn't call myself a horseman by any means. It's a combination of being very aware of them, and not trusting them.
    Chris Cooper
  • In these days when science is clearly in the saddle and when our knowledge of disease is advancing at a breathless pace, we are apt to forget that not all can ride and that he also serves who waits and who applies what the horseman discovers.
    Harvey Cushing
  • Yes, I think that when the Bible refers to a horse or a horseman, that's exactly what it means.
    Tim LaHaye
  • We call him a hero who maintains himself, single-handed, against superior numbers. We call him a master-horseman who sits a fiery and vicious steed, guiding him at will. And in like manner, we call him a moral hero who conquers the enemies within his own breast — and we admire and revere the soul which can ride its own passions and force them into obedience to the dictates of reason.
    Felix Adler

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