What is another word for leech?

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Leeches are blood-sucking creatures that attach themselves to the skin of their hosts. They have been known to cause infections and disease transmission in some cases. Therefore, to avoid offending someone, there are several alternative names you can use instead of referring to them as leeches. These synonyms for leech include bloodsucker, parasite, tick, vampirist, cliquish, moocher, sponge, hanger-on, and vulture. Choosing the right synonym depends on the situation and your audience. If you're trying to be polite and respectful, use one of the milder ones. But if you're trying to be bold and humorous, go for a more absurd or descriptive one, such as vampirist or cliquish.

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How to use "Leech" in context?

The leech ( Hirudo medicinalis ) is a parasitic crustacean that lives in water and feeds off of blood. It has a long body that is covered with suckers. The leech attaches to a host either by clinging to it with its suckers or by passing through a small opening on the host. The leech then slides into the host's blood and begins to feed. The leech can consume up to 25 times its own weight in blood in a day.

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