What is another word for horseshit?

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Horseshit, a word we use to describe something as nonsense, rubbish, or bogus, has various synonyms. Some common ones include baloney, bunk, bullshit, crap, hogwash, malarkey, rubbish, and poppycock. Other more colorful options include horse-feathers, cow-poop, twaddle, gobbledygook, piffle, hooey, and tommyrot. While all of these words share the same basic meaning, they each have slightly different connotations. For instance, "bunk" and "hogwash" tend to suggest something that is false or ridiculous, while "poppycock" and "piffle" often suggest something trivial or insignificant. Regardless of which word you use, they all convey a sense of disbelief, which makes them useful in a wide range of contexts.

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What's horseshit, and why does it stink?

Horseshit is an old-fashioned term for excrement. It's derived from the Latin word for horse, meaning that its original purpose was to clean the horse's feed. Today, horseshit is often regarded as an uncouth word, and it's often used as an insult.

The word's unpleasant odor is a result of its high level of moisture and feces. It's also often contaminated with harmful bacteria, which makes it particularly smelly.

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