What is another word for excrement?

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[ ˈɛkskɹɪmənt], [ ˈɛkskɹɪmənt], [ ˈɛ_k_s_k_ɹ_ɪ_m_ə_n_t]

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How to use "Excrement" in context?

What is excrement?

The technical term for excrement is "feces". Feces are the solid waste expelled from the rectum and anus of humans and other mammals. Feces are made up of body parts that have been digested and eliminated through the intestines.

What are the benefits of excrement?

There are a number of benefits to excrement. For one, feces serve as a natural fertilizer. When excrement is spread on farmland, it provides food for plants. In addition, excrement can help prevent soil erosion.

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