What is another word for dung?

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Dung is commonly used to refer to animal excrement. However, there are various synonyms for this word such as manure, feces, excreta, droppings, scat, ordure and waste. Manure is often used to refer to animal dung that is used as fertilizer for plants. Feces is another commonly used synonym which also encompasses human waste. Excreta refers to animal waste that includes urine and droppings. Scat is mainly used to refer to the feces of wild animals like bears, coyotes or raccoons. Ordure is a synonym that is rarely used but is still sometimes heard in scientific contexts. Waste is another word that can be used instead of dung, with the latter generally being used more in a rural setting.

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Dung is what cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals excrete. It is a mixture of urine and feces.

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      Yong, dong.

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