What is another word for immaturely?

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[ ˌɪmət͡ʃˈʊ͡əli], [ ˌɪmət‍ʃˈʊ‍əli], [ ˌɪ_m_ə_tʃ_ˈʊə_l_i]

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    Synonyms for Immaturely:

    How to use "Immaturely" in context?

    It's not always easy to accept ourselves as we are; we often want to be somebody else or something better. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, to never make mistakes, and to always be "on our game." But in reality, this attitude is immature. It's not about living in perfect alignment with our ideals; it's about striving for progress and learning from our mistakes. We should embrace our imperfections and be proud of what we've accomplished. The key is to be willing to take a step back and objectively analyze our actions and results.

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