What is another word for delicately?

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[ dˈɛlɪkətli], [ dˈɛlɪkətli], [ d_ˈɛ_l_ɪ_k_ə_t_l_i]

Delicately is a word that is often used to describe something that is done in a gentle or subtle way. There are many synonyms that can be used in place of delicately to convey a similar meaning. Some of the most common synonyms for delicately include softly, gently, tenderly, subtly, daintily, lightly, and gingerly. These synonyms can be used to describe actions, such as touching something delicately or speaking in a gentle tone, as well as to describe the appearance or texture of something, such as a delicate fabric or a fragile object. Whatever the context, using synonyms for delicately can add depth and nuance to your writing or conversation.

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How to use "Delicately" in context?

Often, words that seem gentle on the surface may have hidden power if used carelessly. For instance, the word delicately can be used to describe something that is delicate or sensitive. However, this word can also be used to describe something that is skillfully done or handled. For example, if someone says that they delicately removed the Gordian Knot, this means that the person used their precise handling skills to remove the knot.

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