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[ pˈɑːʃə͡lˌi], [ pˈɑːʃə‍lˌi], [ p_ˈɑː_ʃ_əl_ˌi]

When we want to express the idea of "partially," there are several synonyms that we can use to achieve that depending on the context. Some alternatives for partially include partly, incompletely, not entirely, fractionally, moderately, halfway, and to some extent. These synonyms can provide more specific meanings to the sentence and convey a different degree of something rather than just explaining that it is only partially completed. Utilizing synonyms in our language gives us versatility and keeps our communication engaging and exciting. It is important to keep synonyms handy as they help show the diversity of not only a particular word but also of language as a whole.

Synonyms for Partially:

How to use "Partially" in context?

Partially is a word that means "in part." It can be used to describe things that are not complete or that are not done completely. It can also be used to describe something that is only part of the original plan. Partial can also be used to describe someone or something that is only part of the intended audience.

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  • parshley.

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