What is another word for in-human?

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[ ɪnhjˈuːmən], [ ɪnhjˈuːmən], [ ɪ_n_h_j_ˈuː_m_ə_n]

Humanity is an attribute that represents compassion, love and kindness towards individuals. But often, we come across individuals or situations that are the opposite of humanity. To describe such situations or people, several synonyms can be used in place of the term 'in-human.' Some of the synonyms that can be used are barbarous, heartless, callous, cold-blooded, insensitive, ruthless, merciless, and pitiless. These terms accentuate the lack of humanity and highlight the cruelty associated with the situation or individual concerned. The use of synonyms for 'in-human' can be vital in highlighting the severity of certain situations and the need for swift action to restore the balance of humanity.

Synonyms for In-human:

How to use "In-human" in context?

People often see "in-human" as a synonym for "freaky." However, the term has a much broader definition. Literally, "in-human" refers to creatures that are not human. This can include animals, plants, and even machines. In many ways, being "in-human" is a state of being separate from the norm.

This is not to say that all in-human creatures are strange or scary. In fact, many are quite peaceful and interesting. That said, there is something unique and alluring about in-human creatures that makes them worth exploring.

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