What is another word for in human?

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[ ɪn hjˈuːmən], [ ɪn hjˈuːmən], [ ɪ_n h_j_ˈuː_m_ə_n]

In human can mean lacking in humanity or lacking in compassion. Synonyms for this phrase include cold-hearted, unfeeling, merciless, heartless, and unsympathetic. It can also refer to something that is not typical of human behavior or characteristics. In this case, synonyms include abnormal, strange, unusual, and bizarre. Additionally, in human can refer to something that is not applicable or relevant to humans. Synonyms for this meaning include insignificant, irrelevant, immaterial, and inconsequential. Overall, the term in human can have different connotations and implications depending on the context in which it is used.

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    How to use "In human" in context?

    Many people use the word "inhuman" to describe something or someone that is cruel, inhuman, or senseless. What is the origin of this word?

    The word "inhuman" comes from the Latin word "inhumanus," which means "of the nature of an animal." This word likely comes from the Latin word "hominus," meaning "man." Thus, the word "inhuman" means "cruel or inhuman to man.

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