What is another word for ineluctably?

Pronunciation: [ɪnɪlˈʌktəblɪ] (IPA)

Ineluctably is a powerful word used to describe something that is unavoidable or inevitable. However, there are other synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Unavoidably, inevitably, irresistibly, and inexorably are some of the words that can be used interchangeably with ineluctably. All these words imply that an event or situation is bound to happen no matter what. Though each word has its nuance, they all share the same concept of being unstoppable. So, if you want to express an event or occurrence that is inescapable or certain to happen, you can use any of these synonyms.

What are the opposite words for ineluctably?

The word "ineluctably" means impossible to avoid or escape, and some of its antonyms include "avoidably," "escapably," "voluntarily," and "optionally." When something is ineluctable, it's inevitable, certain, and bound to happen. However, by using some of its antonyms, we can imply that something can be avoided, escaped, or simply left out if we choose to do so. It's important to remember that even if something seems ineluctable, there's always room for change and affect the outcomes. Using antonyms for a word like "ineluctably" not only changes the meaning, but it also opens up possibilities and encourages active decision-making.

What are the antonyms for Ineluctably?

Usage examples for Ineluctably

But Ulick continued ineluctably.
"The So-called Human Race"
Bert Leston Taylor
If I fell over a cliff that beetles o'er his base, fell through the nebeneinander ineluctably!
James Joyce
That lies in space which I in time must come to, ineluctably.
James Joyce

Famous quotes with Ineluctably

  • If the greatest god is the stillness all the motions add up to, then we must ineluctably be included.
    A. R. Ammons
  • Most impediments to scientific understanding are conceptual locks, not factual lacks. Most difficult to dislodge are those biases that escape our scrutiny because they seem so obviously, even ineluctably, just. We know ourselves best and tend to view other creatures as mirrors of our own constitution and social arrangements. (Aristotle, and nearly two millennia of successors, designated the large bee that leads the swarm as a king.)
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • I can only look from the outside (or cut into the inside, but flesh and genes do not reveal organic totality). I am stuck with a panoply of ineluctably indirect methods - some very sophisticated to be sure. I can atomize, experiment, and infer. I can record reams of data about behaviors and responses. But if I could a beetle or a bacillus for that one precious minute - and live to tell the tale in perfect memory - then I might truly fulfill Darwin's dictum penned into an early notebook containing the first full flowering of his evolutionary ideas during the late 1830's: "He who understands the baboon would do more towards metaphysics than Locke."
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • Former arbiters of taste must have felt (as so many apostles of “traditional values” and other high-minded tags for restriction and conformity do today) that maintaining the social order required a concept of unalloyed heroism. Human beings so designated as role models had to embody all virtues of the paragon—which meant, of course, that they could not be described in their truly human and ineluctably faulted form.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • As far as talent goes, Marilyn Monroe was so minimally gifted as to be almost unemployable, and anyone who holds to the opinion that she was a great natural comic identifies himself immediately as a dunce...As a natural silent comedian Marilyn might possibly have qualified, with the proviso that she was not to be depended on to invent anything. But as a natural comedian in sound she had the conclusive disadvantage of not being able to speak. She was limited ineluctably to characters who rented language but could not possess it, and all her best roles fell into that category. She was good at being inarticulately abstracted for the same reason that midgets are good at being short.
    Clive James

Similar words: unavoidably, inevitably, irrevocably, irrefutably

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