What is another word for inevitably?

Pronunciation: [ɪnˈɛvɪtəblɪ] (IPA)

Inevitably is a word used to describe something that is unavoidable or bound to happen. There are several other synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning, such as unavoidably, inescapably, inevitably, and inexorably. Another popular synonym for this word is inevitably, which refers to the fact that something is certain to occur, regardless of any efforts to prevent it. Other synonyms for inevitably include naturally, necessarily, and irresistibly. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the context in which the word is being used and the writer's desired tone and meaning.

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What are the opposite words for inevitably?

Antonyms for the word "inevitably" refer to the opposite concept of something that is not certain or unavoidable. Words that can express the opposite meaning of inevitability include avoidably, possibly, preventably or optionally. Avoidably implies that something can be avoided, and it does not need to happen. Possibly suggests that something may or may not happen, depending on the circumstances or conditions. Preventably means that something can be stopped or prevented from happening. Optionally means that something can be chosen or not chosen, based on one's preference or will. Antonyms for "inevitably" indicate that there is an element of choice or chance, and not all events and outcomes are predetermined.

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Usage examples for Inevitably

I have a right to do my duty by her, and I can so put it that it will not be such a shock to her as it inevitably will be if matters go wrong, or Peter should be kept in prison for lack of evidence-or for too much evidence.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
I knew that only by encouraging a delusion of nearness to land could I urge them ever farther in the face of the hardships that must inevitably come.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
I had not a moment for reflection, and even now, after recovering from the lack of mental perception which inevitably followed, it is with difficulty that I recall my impressions at the time.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

Famous quotes with Inevitably

  • Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.
    Grace Abbott
  • If the word gets out, if the perception exists that by speaking to a CBS journalist you are, therefore, inevitably, immediately speaking to the police, I don't think there's any doubt but that people won't talk. And, therefore, the public won't learn.
    Floyd Abrams
  • Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.
    James Lane Allen
  • The sense of national catastrophe is inevitably heightened in a television age, when the whole country participates in it.
    R. W. Apple, Jr.
  • It seems to be a law in American life that whatever enriches us anywhere except in the wallet inevitably becomes uneconomic.
    Russell Baker

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