What is another word for Jacquerie?

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Jacquerie is a French word that has been used to describe a peasant uprising since the 14th century. Some synonyms for Jacquerie include peasant revolt, rebellion, insurrection, uprising, and revolution. The term is commonly associated with the French Peasant Revolt of 1358, which was a historical event that resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. Other similar terms might include agrarian rebellion, rural uprising, or working-class resistance. While the term Jacquerie specifically refers to a French peasant uprising, similar events have occurred throughout history in many different countries. Despite the often-violent nature of such events, they are often seen as crucial moments in the fight for human rights and equality.

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    How to use "Jacquerie" in context?

    It is estimated that there were around 250,000 peasant rebels in France during the Jacquerie of 1165-1170. These peasants, who typically made up the lowerclass of French society, were so fed up with the high taxes and unfair treatment they received from their wealthy aristocratic society. The Jacquerie began as an act of frustration, with peasants raiding the property of their aristocratic targets. It quickly escalated, however, into a full-blown peasant rebellion against their feudal lords. The Jacquerie was a pivotal moment in French history, as it signaled the beginning of the end for the feudal system and the rise of the French monarchy.

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