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Pronunciation: [ɹˌɛvəlˈuːʃən] (IPA)

Revolution is a term that has been in use for centuries to describe a major, sudden, and complete change in a society, system, or institutions. Synonyms for the term revolution include mutiny, rebellion, uprising, insurrection, coup d'etat, and reform. Mutiny refers to an open revolt by soldiers or sailors against their superiors. Rebellion is a popular uprising against a government, while insurrection involves an armed uprising against a government or authorities. Coup d'etat refers to a sudden and often violent overthrow of a government. Reform, on the other hand, refers to a process of gradual or partial change in a system or institution. Regardless of the synonym utilized, a revolution is a significant event that produces change.

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The term "revolution" typically refers to a drastic or fundamental change in societal or political structures. Its antonyms, or opposite words, would suggest a lack of change or a return to a previous state. These antonyms include terms such as stagnation, conservatism, stasis, stability, and continuity. Stagnation connotes a lack of any progress or movement. Conservatism suggests a preference for traditional values and resistance to change. Stasis refers to a state of inactivity or lack of motion. Stability implies a state of balance or equilibrium, while continuity suggests a state of uninterrupted actions or events. All these words present opposing views to the concept of revolution, implying a preference for a stable and unchanged status quo.

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Usage examples for Revolution

After supper they had begun to ask questions of Manuela, and she had in response given them her own personal account of the new revolution.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
Then the news came-news of a revolution.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
It meant revolution, whatever it was.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine

Famous quotes with Revolution

  • Far from being the product of a democratic revolution and of an opposition to English institutions, the constitution of the United States was the result of a powerful reaction against democracy, and in favor of the traditions of the mother country.
    John Acton
  • The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • We were thrilled and we were privileged to be part of a revolution, because make no mistake about it, Ted Turner changed the world with CNN.
    Christiane Amanpour
  • For a successful revolution it is not enough that there is discontent. What is required is a profound and thorough conviction of the justice, necessity and importance of political and social rights.
    B. R. Ambedkar
  • The sadness of the women's movement is that they don't allow the necessity of love. See, I don't personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed.
    Maya Angelou

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