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The word "buggy" can refer to a variety of different four-wheeled vehicles. Some common synonyms for "buggy" include "carriage," "cart," "wagon," and "surrey." Depending on the region or time period being discussed, some other terms might also be used to describe a buggy. For example, in Australia, a buggy might be called a "jinker" or a "sulky." In the UK, it might be referred to as a "trap" or a "gig." No matter what term is used, the important thing is to remember that a buggy is a type of horse-drawn vehicle that has been used for transportation for hundreds of years.

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Buggy definition

1. A vehicle, especially a horse-drawn vehicle, with a light cover over the bed from which goods are carried, so as to protect them from the weather.

2. A shortened form of buggy horse. See also carriage.

3. A vehicle, esp. an automobile, with a small engine and low chassis, used principally for personal use.

A buggy is a classic mode of transportation. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are perfect for small trips around town or traveling down the country. Some have a light cover to keep the goods inside dry, while others just have a cloth covering.

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