What is another word for kick the bucket?

Pronunciation: [kˈɪk ðə bˈʌkɪt] (IPA)

"Kick the bucket" is a well-known idiom that means to die or pass away. However, there are numerous synonyms for this phrase that can be used to convey the same meaning. Some of these synonyms include "bite the dust," "meet one's maker," "push up daisies," "take one's last breath," and "give up the ghost." These phrases are often used as alternative ways to express the idea of death in literature, media, and everyday language. While they may seem lighthearted or humorous, they all serve as ways to communicate the finality of death and the end of one's life.

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What are the opposite words for kick the bucket?

"Kick the bucket" is an idiomatic expression that refers to dying or passing away. Its origins are uncertain, but one theory suggests that it comes from the idea of a person standing on a bucket while they are hanged, and then kicking it away to hasten their death. As a macabre euphemism, few antonyms for this phrase exist, but some alternatives include "gain a new life" or "enter the afterlife." Other expressions could include "crossing the veil," "departing the mortal coil," or "leaving this world behind." While not as widely used as "kick the bucket," they all offer a gentler way to express the finality of death.

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  • However, the thought hit me that this was a pretty pathetic way to kick the bucket - being accidentally poisoned during a photo shoot, of all things - and I started weeping at the idiocy of it all.
    Lara St. John

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