What is another word for pop off?

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[ pˈɒp ˈɒf], [ pˈɒp ˈɒf], [ p_ˈɒ_p ˈɒ_f]

Pop off is a colloquial phrase that means to lose one's temper or say something provocative. Some synonyms for pop off include blow up, fly off the handle, go ballistic, lose it, lose one's cool, and go off on a tangent. Other synonyms for pop off include get angry, become upset, become enraged, get irate, and become impassioned. If someone is pop off during a conversation, it can be challenging to continue with a rational discussion. Therefore, it is essential to understand synonyms for pop off and know how to recognize the signs of someone who is on the verge of getting angry. Using words that express similar meanings to pop off can help in keeping the conversation on track and avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts.

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    Words cannot do justice to the hardcore frenzy that consumes members of the pop off subculture. What starts as mere fascination can quickly escalate into an all-consuming passion. What starts as exchanging polite smiles between acquaintances can quickly turn into an epic battle of words. And who can resist a good pop off?

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