What is another word for expire?

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The word "expire" is commonly used to indicate the end of validity or the termination of something. However, in order to bring some diversity to your writing, you can use alternative words with similar meanings. A few synonyms for expire include "end," "terminate," "cease," "finish," "lapse," and "conclude." Other alternatives may include "close," "expire," "pass away," "run out," or "come to an end." It is always important to choose words that accurately express your intended meaning, so consider the context and intended tone of your writing when selecting synonyms for "expire".

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How to use "Expire" in context?

Think about what you storedocuments on a regular basis. Most people have at least a few. Documents that pertain to work, personal life, finances, and so on. Documents that you'd like to have for a certain amount of time, but are never sure when that time will come. In the world of technology, we're used to documents that have a defined expiration date.

But what about documents that don't have an expiration date? Files that you create, store, and use on a regular basis. Maybe a document that is important to you, but that you don't want to keep for an extended period of time.

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