What is another word for knez?

Pronunciation: [nˈɛz] (IPA)

Knez is a Slavic term that translates to "prince" or "duke." There are numerous synonyms for the word kněz in different Slavic languages. For instance, in Czech, the word kněz is often replaced by the word "vlastník," which has a similar meaning. Similarly, in Polish, kněz can be substituted with "ksiądz," which is the equivalent of the English word "priest." In Slovak, the term kněz is generally replaced with "farár," which is a clergyman that oversees a particular parish. Other synonyms for kněz include "knyaz," which is a Russian and Ukrainian term for a nobleman or prince, and the Serbian term "knezak," which refers to a son or a young ruler.

Synonyms for Knez:

What are the hypernyms for Knez?

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