What is another word for lord?

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The word "lord" is a title used to refer to someone who has power, authority, or control over others. Some synonyms for the word "lord" include "ruler," "leader," "sovereign," "monarch," and "master." These terms all connote someone who is in charge or has the ability to direct or command others. Other synonyms for "lord" include "dominant," "supreme," "preeminent," "paramount," and "preponderant," which highlight the sense of superiority or dominance that may come with holding such a position of power. Overall, there are various ways to describe the concept of a "lord" depending on the specific context or connotations one wishes to convey.

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    There's no denying that when it comes to words with power, lord is right up there at the top. Used informally or reverently, lord can have a variety of meanings, ranging from an extremely powerful person to a majestic deity. Whether you're addressing someone as their lord and master or using it as an exclamation of amazement, there's no mistaking its impact. Here are some facts to help you get to know this powerful word:

    1. Lordship comes from the Old English word londe, which simply referred to the land a nobleman owned.

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