What is another word for law enforcement?

Pronunciation: [lˈɔː ɛnfˈɔːsmənt] (IPA)

Law enforcement is an umbrella term that refers to various governmental bodies and agencies tasked with maintaining public order and enforcing laws. It encompasses multiple elements of the criminal justice system, including police departments, courts, and corrections facilities. Other terms that can be used to describe law enforcement include policing, security, regulation, or governance. The enforcement of the law is essential to promote societal peace and protect citizens' rights. Thus, efficient law enforcement is critical to safeguarding the overall well-being of a society. Different regions and cultures may use varied nomenclature to articulate law enforcement, but all have the same objective: to protect citizens and maintain social order.

What are the hypernyms for Law enforcement?

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What are the hyponyms for Law enforcement?

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Famous quotes with Law enforcement

  • The lessons of September 11 are that if we allow law enforcement to do their work free of political interference, if we give them adequate resources and modern technologies, we can protect our citizens without intruding on our liberties.
    Lucille Roybal-Allard
  • The war we are fighting today against terrorism is a multifaceted fight. We have to use every tool in our toolkit to wage this war - diplomacy, finance, intelligence, law enforcement, and of course, military power - and we are developing new tools as we go along.
    Richard Armitage
  • Unlicensed illegal immigrants drive on our roads and interstates without insurance, and there is little that our law enforcement officials can do to stop them.
    Spencer Bachus
  • When you have police officers who abuse citizens, you erode public confidence in law enforcement. That makes the job of good police officers unsafe.
    Mary Frances Berry
  • No one ever said that fighting the war against terrorism and defending our homeland would be easy. So let's support our troops, law enforcement workers, and our mission to keep our nation and our children safe in the days and years to come.
    Judy Biggert

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