What is another word for polices?

Pronunciation: [pəlˈiːsɪz] (IPA)

Polices are a set of rules enforced by the government to maintain law and order in the society. There can be various synonyms for the word polices, such as regulations, guidelines or directives. All of these synonyms refer to the rules enforced by any organisation or authority to regulate and manage the activities of the people. Some other synonyms for polices are standards, protocols or procedures. These synonyms can also be used interchangeably in different contexts to signify the same meaning of the set of rules and regulations that govern the actions of people within a community.

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What are the opposite words for polices?

The word "polices" is a verb that means to regulate, control or maintain order. Some antonyms for the word "polices" include the words chaos, disorder, neglect, and anarchy. Chaos refers to a state of confusion or disorder, while disorder refers to a lack of organization or control. Neglect means to disregard or ignore, while anarchy is a state of lawlessness and disorder. These antonyms illustrate the opposite of the concept of order and control that are associated with the word "polices" and highlight the consequences of a lack of regulation or discipline in society.

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Usage examples for Polices

I have already spoken of the Royal Irish Constabulary-the force which polices the country; slim, soldierly men, governed from Dublin Castle, and really constituting an army, eleven thousand strong, armed with carbines, sword bayonets and revolvers, and ready to be concentrated instantly wherever there is trouble.
"The Charm of Ireland"
Burton Egbert Stevenson
But the general consensus of opinion, to which Mr. Fanshawe comes, and which seems still to be held by most intelligent American publicists, is that on the whole high license works best, and this the women themselves have just voted in Denver; not only because it actually prohibits to a certain extent, but it regulates and polices the traffic, prevents the sale of adulterated liquor, and to a considerable extent the grosser disorders and political dangers that attend the bar-room.
"Popular Law-making"
Frederic Jesup Stimson
Tell polices bringing dogs.
"The Telenizer"
Don Thompson

Famous quotes with Polices

  • Derangement is the signature expression of the Great Backlash, a style of conservatism that first came snarling onto the national stage in response to the partying and protests of the late sixties. While earlier forms of conservatism emphasized fiscal sobriety, the backlash mobilizes voters with explosive social issues — summoning public outrage over everything from busing to un-Christian art — which it then marries to pro-business economic polices. Cultural anger is marshaled to achieve economic ends. And it is these economic achievements — not the forgettable skirmishes of the never-ending culture wars — that are the movement’s greatest monuments. The backlash is what has made possible the international free-market consensus of recent years, with all the privatization, deregulation, and de-unionization that are its components. Backlash ensures that Republicans will continue to be returned to office even when their free-market miracles fail and their libertarian schemes don’t deliver and their "New Economy" collapses. It makes possible the police pushers’ fantasies of “globalization” and a free-trade empire that are foisted upon the rest of the world with such self-assurance. Because some artist decides to shock the hicks by dunking Jesus in urine, the entire plant must remake itself along the lines preferred by the Republican Party, U.S.A.
    Thomas Frank

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