What is another word for leafing?

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Leafing is a term that refers to the act of turning the pages of a book, magazine, or newspaper. Some synonyms for leafing include flipping, browsing, perusing, scanning, and flicking. These words all convey the idea of quickly skimming through the pages of a publication. Other synonyms for leafing include paging, riffling, and shuffling, which are more descriptive of the physical motion of turning the pages. When searching for synonyms, it is important to choose a word that accurately conveys the intended meaning and context of the sentence. In this case, leafing is a specific action that connotes a certain level of engagement with the text, so it is important to choose a synonym that captures this nuance.

How to use "Leafing" in context?

Leafing is a very important process in plants. It's what they use to exchange nutrients and water with the environment. Without it, they would quickly die. When a leaf starts to fall off a plant, it's called petiole.

Leafing occurs in pairs, one from the stem and the other from the petiole. The pairs are attached at the base by specialised tissue and hinge along the length of their shared axis. The upper surface of the petiole is then modified into a blade or blade-like shape. As the blade falls off, the stem and petiole are left behind.

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