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Linnaean refers to the biological classification system created by Carl Linnaeus, which ranks organisms based on their physical characteristics. The term is mainly used in the field of biology, and to discuss the taxonomic system of species classification. However, some synonyms for Linnaean include systematic, hierarchical, and taxonomic. These words all refer to the arrangement of organisms into levels of classification, based on their characteristics and evolutionary history. The Linnaean system is still widely used today and has been influential in helping biologists understand the relationships between different organisms and their evolutionary history. Its synonyms can be used interchangeably to describe the same concept of classification.

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    They were both so struck with the complete agreement of the conclusions of Mr. Darwin and Mr. Wallace that they thought it would be unfair to publish one without the other, so this paper and a chapter from Darwin's unpublished manuscript of the "Origin of Species" were read before the linnaean Society on the same evening and published in their Proceedings for 1858, and thus appeared in the same year, 1859, as Marx's Critique of Political Economy.
    "Socialism: Positive and Negative"
    Robert Rives La Monte
    This distinguished botanist published his "Introductory Essay to the Flora of Australia" in December 1859, the year after the memoir on "Natural Selection" was communicated to the linnaean Society, and a month after the appearance of the "Origin of Species."
    "The Antiquity of Man"
    Charles Lyell
    They used to come home with their hands full of flowers, and this resulted in a vehement attack of botany,- a taste that has lasted all our lives, together with the hortus siccus to which we still make additions, though there has been a revolution there as well as everywhere else, and the linnaean system we learnt so eagerly from Martin's Letters is altogether exploded and antiquated.
    "Chantry House"
    Charlotte M. Yonge

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