What is another word for bracket?

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Bracket is a term used to describe a punctuation mark or a support that holds something in place. There are several synonyms for the term "bracket" such as support, holder, hanger, clamp, fastener, brace, mount, and prop. The use of brackets varies in different contexts, from holding shelves to enclosing references in written work. The term "bracket" is commonly used in mathematics to enclose expressions, and to group terms and operations. Synonyms for bracket in the context of math include parentheses, square brackets, and curly braces. Overall, the different synonyms for bracket offer a range of words that can be used depending on the specific context of its usage.

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    Brackets are used in pairs to enclose text and indicate different Levels of Authority. " ([text]) "are used to indicate that the text that follows is an aside or footnote and should not be considered part of the main text. " [text] "is used to indicate that the text that follows is the main text.

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    • brackett.

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