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The word "Linn" can be used to refer to a pool or pond, and there are several synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Some of these include "lagoon," "basin," "reservoir," and "lakelet." These words all suggest a small body of water, and can be used in a variety of contexts, such as describing natural features, artificial water features in landscaping or gardens, or small bodies of water created by human activity. Depending on the context, other synonyms for "Linn" might include "puddle," "fountain," or "cascade," among others, each of which conveys a slightly different image and tone.

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    Usage examples for Linn

    "This is what I expected, Linn.
    "Prince Fortunatus"
    William Black
    Don't you know, Linn?
    "Prince Fortunatus"
    William Black
    You're not to talk, Linn, I tell you!
    "Prince Fortunatus"
    William Black

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