What is another word for lookout man?

16 synonyms found


[ lˈʊka͡ʊt mˈan], [ lˈʊka‍ʊt mˈan], [ l_ˈʊ_k_aʊ_t m_ˈa_n]

Synonyms for Lookout man:

How to use "Lookout man" in context?

1. When you climb a mountain or hike in the woods, you're always looking for a lookout man. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation and need someone to watch your back, you want someone you can trust to keep you safe. That's why lookout men are so important in the mountains, forests, and other wild places.

2. Lookout men are usually the first people in the area to spot danger. They watch for hazards such as cliffs, cliffs, and water. They also watch for animals and other people who may be in danger.

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