What is another word for defender?

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Defender is a noun that refers to someone who protects something or someone from harm, damage, or danger. There are several synonyms for this word, including protector, guardian, custodian, sentinel, and watchman. A protector is someone who defends against attacks or harm, while a guardian is responsible for protecting someone or something under their care. A custodian ensures the protection of a physical location or object. A sentinel is a guard or lookout who watches for danger or threats. Lastly, a watchman is someone who keeps vigilant watch and protects against potential threats or danger. These synonyms all emphasize the importance of safeguarding something or someone from harm.

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    Christmas is a time to celebrate the good in life and to give thanks for all the people and things that make our lives better. One way to do this is to give a gift that reflects your appreciation. That's why it's so thoughtful to give a gift that is also useful and meaningful, like a defender.

    Defender's are especially popular this time of year because they make great stocking stuffers. They're small, foldable devices that emit a loud noise if they are hit or they're pressed upon. This noise can scare away attackers or help survivors find safety.

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